Not Ashamed

Charity hooked her arm through the crook in his [Peter’s] elbow and they headed down the path, or what little was left of the path. Many years of uninhibited growth had covered most of what was once a fairly wide walkway through the woods out to what was now a major road. The sign at the driveway proclaimed its status as the city limit. The leaves hadn’t started turning yet. There had been a great deal of rain this summer and the woods were lush and full. Years of fallen leaves had multiplied the undergrowth, and vines and fallen branches made the passing rough. Finally, Peter stopped and turned back toward Charity. “I think it was right about here. This is where I found the lighter.”

Charity stopped cold and stared about ten feet behind and to the left of Peter. Her jaw dropped, but no sound came from her lips.

“What’s wrong?” He demanded. “I knew I shouldn’t have brought you up here. I knew this was a mistake.”

“No, it wasn’t. Look over there, Uncle Peter. He did it again.


From the back cover:

Charity Wright is ashamed of who she is. She just found out she was born of a brutal rape. Now, everyone tells her that her biological father has changed. They say he’s a good man who only helps people. They say she must forgive him. But do people really change? Especially when they’ve done something so heinous? Is forgiveness even possible?

Before she can confront her father with his crime, she almost literally stumbles onto another crime. In the same place.   Has the rapist also become a murderer? Can Charity discover the truth before the killer strikes again? Or will her fury destroy her?


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