TABOO TUESDAY TOPIC: Taking the Good with the Bad.

Today I’d like to welcome my second guest blogger, Mrs. Kimberly Rose Johnson.  Welcome,  Kimberly.IMG_4314-2 Publicity (2)

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The Good and the Bad

By Kimberly Rose Johnson

 At the start of the New Year, many people suggested instead of making New Year’s resolutions they were praying for a theme for their new year. I like this idea, especially since I no longer make resolutions, unless you count resolving to not resolute. Lol

The Lord gave me a phrase that has stuck with me. He told me that I needed to accept the bad with the good. I didn’t care for that since He was basically saying there’s going to be bad stuff. I hate bad stuff!

I’m glad He gave me a heads up though, because this year has certainly been a mixed bag both professionally and personally. For example my publisher, Love Inspired Heartsong Presents announced they would be discontinuing the line. That was a huge hit to me. I loved writing for them. Then several months later He provided me with a new publisher, not only new to me, but brand new to the publishing world! Mountain Brook Ink is owned by a good friend of mine. She asked me if I would allow her to publish a book I’d written a couple of years ago and also if she could publish the other two books in the series that I’d planned to write. To be honest, my first instinct was no. Then the Lord clearly told me this was what I was supposed to do, so here I am. It’s been an interesting year to say the least.

I know we like to think that if we love the Lord and serve and obey Him, life is going to be a perfect, but that is simply not the case. Bad stuff happens and how we respond to the problems is what shows our character. I know that He is walking along beside me through everything and I am daily walking in faith.

I’m far from perfect and I’ve had a few temper tantrums, but then I get it out of my system and focus on Him. It’s not always easy, but experience has taught me that He knows best and if I will trust Him and not try to take over, He will take care of me.

In conclusion here are several verses that have helped me this past year. 1 Corinthians 1:25, 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, Proverbs 3:5,6, Proverbs 2:8, and Matthew 6:34. I hope you will take the time to look these up and find comfort in them if/when you are facing a trial.

The following is a synopsis of Kimberly’s soon to be released new book, Island Refuge.  

Five-Star-Chef Zoe Griffin walked away from her dream job. Did she make a mistake?

Her engagement off, Zoe Griffin retreats to tiny Wildflower Island in the Puget Sound. Hiding out as a cook and maid at a shabby bed-and-breakfast seems crazy for a chef who’s used to running her own five-star kitchen. And just as she starts to feel at home, her klutzy mishaps make Zoe fear her handsome new boss will fire her.

Dr. Nick Jackson is done with medicine, and owning a B&B is as far from doctoring as he can get. He needs help, but his only employee’s mistakes give him doubts. As Zoe lets her defenses down, Nick begins to see a competent and caring woman. One whose wounds are as deep as his own. But as they fall for each other, Nick and Zoe must learn the hardest lesson of all—to forgive. Only then can they heal the past and embrace the future . . . together.

Author Bio 

Kimberly Rose Johnson, soon to be empty-nester, lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their yellow lab. Island Refuge is her sixth published book and the first in a series of three. Kimberly enjoys long walks, chocolate, and mochas, not necessarily in that order.


About TeresaGPollard

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, I am a Christian Mom, Grandma, Sunday School Teacher, and now Author. My goal is to reach people with the Truth of God's Word and help them to apply it to their real world situations.
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11 Responses to TABOO TUESDAY TOPIC: Taking the Good with the Bad.

  1. Hi Teresa, it’s great to be on your blog! Thank you for having me. One note, my publisher ended up releasing Island Refuge early, so it is now available at Amazon. It is also part of the Kindle Unlimited program.


    • Ok, Kimberly. Hopefully I have this straightened out now. I had to go in and find the comments, because although I approved them on the phone, I didn’t log in, and it didn’t register them as approved. I’m so sorry. I guess I learned something. I’m so glad to have you. I promise to do better next time. God bless you, and good luck with your new book.


  2. And I’m so glad you chose to trust me with your book and this current phase of your career! I hope by ‘interesting’ you also mean good, LOL! I know I’m happy to have you at Mountain Brook Ink.


    • Hi, Miralee, the interesting comment had to do with my entire year as a whole not working with you.:) So no, it hasn’t all been good, but as I said, interesting. 😉


    • Thank you for your comment, Miralee. God bless you for all your work for Christ’s kingdom. Kimberly is blessed to have a publisher who cares about her, and takes such an interest in her work. I know how grateful I am for Lynellen, my publisher, and I’m sure Kimberly feels the same way about you.


  3. Hi Teresa, I thought I left a comment here this morning, but since I don’t see it, I guess I didn’t. Thanks for having me on your blog.


  4. Good morning, Teresa. This is the third time I’ve attempted to leave a comment here, but I never see it. Am I doing something wrong?

    I just wanted to say thanks for having me on your blog.


  5. Please don’t feel bad, Kimberly. It’s all my fault. Comments are hidden until I approve them. I guess it’s to keep spammers out. I did approve yours earlier, but I did it from my phone, and didn’t log in. When I came to the computer, even I couldn’t see them until I went into administration and released them.


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