And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  Matthew 28:18-20.

A measure of power changed hands with last weeks elections.  What now?  Will anything change?  I hope so.  Some are betting that it won’t.  And they could be right.  Power can be a drug that easily corrupts even the strongest ideals.  And even if this new Congress does remain faithful to the mandate the people elected them to, they still face a President who can veto every piece of legislation they put through or simply use his pen to make his own legislation.  He’s done it before, and he says he’ll continue to do so if necessary to complete his agenda.  So what have we actually accomplished?

We have stood up for the truth.  Our voices have been heard.  Our votes have been counted.  That’s more than most of the people in the world can claim.  It is a start.  But that is worldly power.   Godly power is a different kind of power.  A better kind.  A kind even the President can’t veto.  It’s the power to change lives for eternity, not just temporarily.  And it’s all about love.  Jesus was the ultimate example of that kind of power.  A power even a grave couldn’t overcome.  He loved us so much He was willing to suffer a cruel death so that we might have an abundant live.  We have that power available to us through His Holy Spirit.  But do we use it?  Not often enough.  Why?  Do we truly have Christ’s love for others?

Millions of Christians are uniting to fill shoe boxes this week for Samaritan’s Purse so that children all over the world can have a gift at Christmas.  That’s love in action.  Families are picking names off of Angel trees in the malls.  Love in action.  A lady I knew in North Carolina gave one of her kidneys so that her husband could live.  That’s real love in action.  When we sacrifice for others, that’s the love that is the true power.  It can change things forever.  When I was just a little girl, my preteen next door neighbor cared enough to take me to church where I met Jesus.  That certainly changed my life forever.  God bless you, Pat.  Jesus is coming back.  While we wait for His return, we need to be about His Father’s business.  He tells us the fields are white to harvest, and the laborers are few.  Love.  It’s the power to change everything.

Remember.  A simple act of love can have eternal consequences.

Taboo Tsday Question of the Day: What have you done lately to express Christ’s love to someone?  What difference did it make?


About TeresaGPollard

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, I am a Christian Mom, Grandma, Sunday School Teacher, and now Author. My goal is to reach people with the Truth of God's Word and help them to apply it to their real world situations.
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2 Responses to TABOO TUESDAY TOPIC: Power

  1. Krystal Weeks says:

    Amen! May we all continue to pray for our country. We should learn from history that a nation can not stand when it forgets to allow God to be the power behind all its decisions.


    • You’ve got it, Krystal. I guess all we can do is remember His promise, “if my people…” That’s not directed to the world. It’s directed to us. Our power is found on our knees. God bless.


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